FMS 8th Grade Superlatives

FMS 8th Grade Superlatives

 Congratulation to the Following 8th Grade Students!


Mr. and Miss FMS Nominees:

Kinsley Bryan, India Bryson, Lilly Murray, and Trista Warren

Peyton Hill, Edsel Mcdonald, Quentin Pace, and Isaiah Serrano


Best All Around:

Kinsley Bryan  and Teondre’ Love


Most Athletic:

Chloie Mckean and KJ Jackson


Most School Spirit:

India Bryson and Phillip Bonner


Most Dependable:

Alyssa Gentry and Wyatt Prince


Best Musician:

Lilly Murray and Edsel McDonald


Most Congenial:

Kelis Massey and Waylon Farris


Best Attitude:

Cassie Tito and Colton Robinson


Most Likely to Succeed:

Akerya Askins and Quentin Pace


Best Dressed: 

Akeelah Moore and Calvin Hughes


Most Likely to Brighten Your Day:

Ma’Raya Fulton and Michael Saucedo



Kamijha Hockett and Kentius Henderson