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Tiger Exchange to reduce absenteeism

In an effort to reduce student absenteeism, Fayetteville Middle School is launching an innovative program that will give parents an added incentive to bring their children to school, while also helping Tiger families with household necessities.

This creative effort is “The Tiger Exchange”, a family pantry stocked with everything from laundry detergent to toiletries and other essentials.

Students earn five “Tiger Bucks” each day they attend school, explained FMS Principal Tricia Jean. Once a month, parents can exchange “Tiger Bucks” for necessities at the school store, “The Tiger Exchange”. 

“We are asking you to become a partner in this effort by donating supplies, or funds to purchase supplies, to stock ‘The Tiger Exchange’ store,” Jean said, asking for the community’s assistance. “Your generous donations will not only help our FMS families receive basic household necessities, but also ensure that our Tigers have a bright future.

“Research shows that attendance is an important factor in student achievement,” she added. “Every school day counts in a child’s academic life.”

The goal is to have the FMS “Tiger Exchange” room stocked and ready to welcome parents by March 1, Jean said.

Please contact FMS to help make this a huge success and impact students' academic achievement. Call FMS at 438-2533 or email the principal at

“Your support of our Tigers is appreciated,” Jean added.