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Congratulations to FMS Teacher of the Year, Susan Nix

Susan Nix Susan Nix, Fayetteville Middle School Special Education teacher, has been with the Fayetteville City Schools for 13 years. She holds a Bachelors and Masters in Special Education, an ED.S in Curriculum and Instruction from Middle Tennessee State University, and is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Special Education. This subject holds a special place in her heart.

"I chose special ed because of my sister and mother. My mother passed when I was 11 from muscular dystrophy. I helped my dad care for my younger sister who has muscular dystrophy and intellectual disability. It just felt natural to go into an area that I have experienced myself. I thought it would be good to not only be a teacher but to be able to relate to what the families deal with on a daily basis and help show what a blessing their children are."

"My ultimate goal is to help my students and families plan for future jobs and/or skills for students. All students have a purpose and I hope to help them find it and show them anything is possible despite any troubles we may face if we work hard enough. We started the PAES Lab in our system to help guide students into job skills with data to back that can lead to work-based learning experiences in high school and into future employment in our community. Our system is wonderfully passionate about helping push all students to their potential and I am so thankful to have the backing of such a wonderful group of people. We really have created an amazing program here and it's still in the early stages. I cannot wait to see where we can lead these students. Nothing is more gratifying or such a blessing as hearing a parent say their child is coming home and doing things they've never done before!"

We are so incredibly proud of the strides Susan Nix has made in our school system for the betterment of our wonderful students. Congratulations!