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FMS earns Reward School designation

Fayetteville Middle School has earned the distinction of Reward School for the 2022-23 school year based on various performance indicators, including student achievement and growth.

The announcement was made by the Tennessee Department of Education last week. Fayetteville Middle School celebrated by announcing the distinction to the faculty, staff and student body during Friday’s student-led FMS Morning Show.

“I am honored that FMS has earned Reward School for the 2022-23 school year,” said Tricia Jean, current supervisor for Fayetteville City Schools who was the FMS principal during the 2022-23 school year. “As I worked with the staff last year, it was obvious this status was earned through unwavering dedication, relentless hard work, and a focus on building relationships with the students. I know the staff will keep inspiring and making a difference while empowering every student to reach their full potential.”

“Congratulations to FMS for earning this prestigious award,” said Brittany Baker, current Ralph Askins School principal who served as the FMS assistant principal during the Reward year. “It is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and commitment of our students, teachers, staff, and parents. I know FMS will continue to strive for greatness and uphold our commitment to providing quality education and opportunities for all our students.”

Schools are recognized as a Reward School in Tennessee when they demonstrate high levels of performance and/or improvement in performance by meeting objectives across performance indicators and student groups, and the Reward School distinction places significant emphasis on performance and improvement across all indicators from the prior school year.

“I am excited to highlight the Reward Schools across the state for their commitment to ensuring students are growing and learning every day," said Lizzette Reynolds, Commissioner of Education. “These annual designations are a testament to the hard work our educators and school and district leaders provide to students each and every day across the state.”

A banner recognizing the achievement will be presented by the state at a later date and will be displayed at FMS.

three principals speak on morning show

Fayetteville Middle School is celebrating earning the distinction of Reward School for the 2022-23 school year based on student achievement and growth. Pictured here making the announcement during the FMS Morning Show are (from left) Adam McCormick, FMS principal; Tricia Jean, supervisor for Fayetteville City Schools who served as principal during 2022-23; and Brittany Baker, principal at Ralph Askins School who was assistant principal at FMS during the Reward year.