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‘Voice of the Tigers’ nominated as TSBA Volunteer of Year

In recognition of his many contributions to the Fayetteville City School System, Tim Smith – also known as the “Voice of the Tigers” – has been nominated for the Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA) Volunteer of the Year Award.

Smith was honored during a recent meeting of the Fayetteville City School Board, who nominated him for the award. Two Fayetteville High School students, Cason Seals and Hannah Giffin, were also honored during the meeting as the district’s TSBA Student Recognition Award nominees.

Student awards recognize those who have distinguished themselves in academics, community and service activities and leadership roles and activities.

The School Volunteer Recognition Award recognizes school district volunteers from across the state who have distinguished themselves by demonstrating exceptional commitment to volunteerism in a local school district. 

Mark Clark, a member of the Fayetteville City School Board and TSBA’s immediate past president, said Smith is the school system’s “most dedicated, enthusiastic and tireless volunteer”. 

“On May 13, 2021, Fayetteville High School will celebrate its 8th graduating class, the culmination of a journey that began in August 2011 and transitioned us from a Kindergarten through 9th grade system to a Kindergarten through 12th grade system,” Clark wrote in the nomination to TSBA in April. “Our first decade has been filled with much academic and extracurricular success, due in large part to the talents and resources given by countless volunteers. No volunteer in Fayetteville, however, has done more to help bring success to our school system than Tim Smith.

“Tim is widely recognized as ‘The Voice of the Tigers’ at all home football and basketball games,” Clark added. “Every season, come rain or shine, snow or ice, Tim is at the microphone. His booming voice is inspiring and unmistakable, and we often receive comments from visiting teams about the professionalism, sportsmanship, and respect he shows them with his comments. The COVID19 outbreak in fall 2020 was the first obstacle to keep Tim away from his volunteer work, and thankfully, he recovered quickly.

“Tim rarely misses away games of our sports teams,” Clark continued. “Whether regular season games, tournament games or the state championship football game in Cookeville, you can bet Tim will be there. Indeed, he is such a regular, he's not just the ‘voice’ of the Tigers, he's also the ‘face’ of the Tigers!

“Tim supports all Tigers, not just our athletic teams. Tim rarely misses a band concert, an art show or any other school system function. He knows our students, and our students know and respect him.

“Tim is well respected as a man of integrity in the community. His association with our school system brings great credit to our students, our staff and our school system.”

Statewide winners of the TSBA awards will be announced in the fall.