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Tiger Hill banners honor 2020 FHS seniors

With high school seniors missing some of the more memorable days of their school careers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of parents and volunteers came together to honor the 2020 Fayetteville High School graduates in a unique way – displaying banners featuring each senior’s picture on Tiger Hill.

Led by Lisa Moyers, a parent of a Fayetteville High senior, the effort brought together a host of volunteers from the Tiger family, from parents, teachers and staff to students and friends.

“With the pandemic of COVID-19 in full swing, I had been feeling very disheartened for this year’s seniors as we continued to miss school, and major events started getting moved or cancelled,” Moyers said. “I had seen where a school in Georgia had gotten banners to honor their 30 seniors, and I felt we could do it for our 88.”

According to Moyers, there was much planning and many emails for a couple of weeks, but organizers were able to get every single senior’s picture so they could be represented. Rujena Dotson, also a parent of an FHS senior, joined Moyers in making the idea come to life.

“Then came the challenge of the money,” Moyers explained. “That is where Fayetteville City parents and supporters stepped up. There were several parents who not only paid for their senior’s banner, but they also sponsored a senior who might not have been so fortunate to pay for their own. We also had individuals with no senior to sponsor a senior. When it was all said and done, all the 88 banners were paid for.”

The challenge then became getting 186 t-posts to be able to display the banners.

“That is a lot of posts, but we got them,” said Moyers, noting that a portion was donated by TSC, and others were borrowed from Lincoln County Fair, Circle C Farms and the O'Conner family.

“The day came to put them up,” she explained. “We gave everyone involved a time to show up, and they sure did. We had three seniors assist us, Seth Moyers, Andy Young and Eli Dotson, as well as their parents and siblings, along with other parents and grandparents. It only took three hours from start to finish with this group of people to get everything measured and put up to make the dynamic display, while the whole while practicing social distancing.”

The banner project will continue to stay up until graduation. They will then be taken down and given to the seniors to keep.

“We hope that everyone will take the time to come and see the wonderful display, and those that are displayed, come take a picture or two or three,” Moyers said. “Take pictures with your banner, your friend’s banner or have your parents come see the beautiful banners.”

The volunteer effort, Moyers said, reflects the spirit of “family” in Fayetteville City Schools.

“At the end of the day, I believe this senior banner project shows how the Fayetteville City School System and the individuals involved resemble a family,” she said. “Everyone rallied together to make sure this whole thing came together and made sure this happened for these young people. The togetherness from parents, staff and central office cannot be denied. Pandemic or no pandemic, we ultimately all want the best for these kids, and we will always work as a family to make sure we get the best possible result available, and this project definitely shows that.

“We are proud of these Tiger seniors,” she added. “Class of 2020, we love you!”