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We mourn the loss of Mrs. Brenda Posey, FMS Office Staff

Brenda Posey Our Tiger Family is mourning the loss of a loyal and dedicated member, Brenda Posey. We extend love and sympathy to her family and appreciate her many years of service to Fayetteville City Schools.
Mrs. Brenda Posey worked for the Fayetteville City School System for 44 years. Mrs. Posey volunteered at Ralph Askins Elementary before being hired on in 1976 as an Educational Assistant. In 2000 Mrs. Posey moved to Fayetteville Intermediate School (Now Fayetteville Middle School) and worked as an EA and office staff member until her passing.
Mrs. Posey was extremely dedicated to each and every one of her students. Despite having nurtured so many children over the years, she remembered each of them by name. The tiger family mourns the loss of this dedicated and caring woman.
Photos of Mrs. Posey over the years HERE