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WAAY31 - 11.8 Million Dollar Budget Adds 2 SROS and 1 Emotional Support Counselor in Fayetteville City Schools

When Fayetteville City Schools students return to the classroom in August they'll be greeted by two new school resource officers and a specialized social and emotional support counselor.

WAAY31 sat down with the Fayetteville City Director of Schools and learned how these new positions, provided by the 11.8 million dollar budget, will help with school safety.

"just as you hear on the news--schools that had significant safety problems believed it couldn't happen there so we realize that it could happen anywhere," says Director of Schools Janine Wilson.

It's that train of thought that led her to realize extra layers are needed when it comes to school safety.

"we are adding a social emotional support counselor and we are hoping that person can target students with problems that can be addressed early"

The new counselor isn't solely there to prevent a school shooting. They will work with all students who need extra support. The goal is to identify issues early on-- before it's too late.

The counselor will be based in Fayetteville Middle School but will rotate to the other schools as needed. The counselor will also potentially lead group therapy, refer students to outside resources, provide emotional support and work with families.

"We feel like that's being proactive and will hopefully make a difference throughout the years."

Also part of the new 11 million-dollar budget-- 2 new student resources officers. Those officers will go through training and start on the job later in the fall semester. The new counselor will begin in August.


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Posted: Jun. 18, 2018 4:03 PM