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Summer Reading: English II

Fayetteville High School

Summer Reading List: Honors English II 

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

Due the first full day of classes

Summer Reading List (Choose one)

-Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury


-1984 by Orwell

-Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

-Night by Wiesel


This assignment is intended to teach you to become a more analytical reader, so it is important that you complete the steps while you are reading and not afterwards when you may have forgotten some critical elements of the story (characters, setting, plot, and conflict along with theme)


Part I: Vocabulary

1st- Record at least 10 unfamiliar words or challenging words that appear in the text, noting the page number on which the word appears. 

2nd- Provide the dictionary definition for each of the unfamiliar words.

3rd- Write a sentence explaining how knowing the definition of that word helps you understand what is going on in the book. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Writing that you already understand every word in the novel is not an acceptable response and will result in a zero for this section. 


Part II: Quotations

For each novel, you should find 5 quotations or key passages that reflect an essential element of the novel (characters, setting, plot, and conflict along with theme).  Copy the quote or section word for word  and then explain the relevance or importance of the selected quotation. 

Questions to help you respond

How does it relate to the work as a whole?  

Does it illustrate the novel’s theme, reveal character traits, depict a plot twist, etc.? 

Be as specific as possible and be sure to fully explain your choice and reasoning. 


Part III: Historical Background and Context

Using the internet and other resources, locate information about when the novel was written. Include a summary paragraph about the time period in which the novel was written and information about the author of the novel.

Part IV: Review

Write a review of the novel ( 2-3 paragraphs) discussing the negative and positive points of the novel. 

Grading Rubric 



Vocabulary (20 points)

  • 10 words per novel
  • Page numbers
  • Dictionary Definition
  • Explanation

Quotations (40 points)

  • 5 quotations
  • Essential elements of the novel reflected
  • Relevance stated

Historical Background (20 points)

  • Time period indicated 
  • Summary of the time period included
  • Information about the author provided

Book Review (20 points)

  • 2-3 paragraph book review on the negative and positive points of the novel

Total= 100 points



If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Do not wait until the end of the summer to begin your work. Make sure to calculate the number of pages you need to read each week/day, and read appropriately.


Have a safe and relaxing summer!


Mrs. Binash