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New School Security at Fayetteville City Schools

Door System Over Spring Break, we have been working on putting more school security in place in our district. As you may have noticed, we have installed a door security system and additional security cameras at each school to better ensure the safety of our students and staff. Visitors will no longer be able to walk into the buildings freely after school check in times / before school check out times. A video call system has been installed at the entrance of each school so that the personnel in the front office will be able to buzz visitors in at their discretion. Faculty, staff, and law enforcement officers will be able to enter the building using the card reader on the call system.

• To enter, press the CALL button located at the entrance of the school. (See picture above)
• An office staff member will be able to speak to you via the video call system.
• When you are buzzed in, you will hear the door click, then you may enter the building and go to the office.
*An instructional video will be posted.

As always, it is one of our top priorities to maintain a safe and secure learning environment for our students. It is never our intent to keep parents and community members from feeling welcome and we want you to visit; however, it has become necessary to take extra precautions to prevent unwanted visitors from gaining access to the children. Thank you for your support and cooperation. We love our Tigers!!