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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Freed-Hardeman University Master's Degree in Sports Management from Missouri Baptist University

Mr. Fitzgerald Hopkins

- Went to Ralph Askins, Fayetteville Intermediate, and Fayetteville Junior High School

- Graduated from Lincoln County in 2012

- Played college basketball at Freed-Hardeman University and Missouri Baptist

- Recieved Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Freed-Hardeman University and Master's Degree in Sports Management from Missouri Baptist University

- Founded 3G Reps Training 2018

- Began working at Fayetteville High School in January of 2019

- Currently teaching Personal Finance, FHS Media, an Assistant Coach for Boys' High School Basketball, and the Head Coach of the Lady Tigers' Basketball Team

- Promoted to Director of Basketball Operations for all schools

  • This one-semester class is designed to help students develop their knowledge and skills in regards to personal finance and their futures. Whether today’s high school students head to college, technical school, or straight to the workforce, they will face many important decisions about financial products and services. In order to better navigate our nation’s financial system, they need to learn more about saving and investing, using credit wisely, avoiding fraud, and a number of other financial goals.

    Course Goals:

    1. Understand how to take charge of your financial well-being.
    2. Understand the principles of managing their money management portfolio.
    3. Understand the principles of earning, saving, spending, budgeting, and protecting your worth.
    4. Understand the use of credit in our economy.

    Course Topics:

    1. Personal Finance - learning ways to create financial security in all aspects of your life
    2. Business - impacts your daily life in multiple ways
    3. Relationships - forming the right relationships can lead you to new opportunities
    4. Personal Branding - the image you present of yourself is how others form their opinions of you

      Class Standards:

      Every day when you step foot in this classroom, these four things are expected of you from bell to bell.

      • Respect - due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others

      Listen to those around you. Be polite in listening to the ideas and thoughts of others. Speak to others in a considerate manner.

      • Punctual - happening or doing something at the agreed or proper time

      Class starts at the same time every day. Be there on time, ready to learn.

      • Willingness to learn - being open to or seeking out new experiences, skills and information that improve our abilities and enjoyment

      Do not go into any setting believing you know everything, especially not a classroom. Take advantage of every opportunity you are given to learn and grow.

      • Committed - feeling dedication and loyalty to a cause, activity, or job

      Putting effort into creating the best version by learning and growing as an individual.

  • Supply List

    Pencils and/or pens

    Loose Paper


    School Chromebook