Current Openings

  • Position - Special Education Teacher

     Qualifications:   Certified in Special Education

     Contact:  Mrs. Christine Tuten

    Fayetteville City Schools Central Office

    110 S. Elk Ave., STE 200

    Fayetteville, TN  37334




    Position - Cafeteria Employee (Part-Time) 


    Fayetteville Middle School is accepting applications for the position of part-time cafeteria employee.

    Contact Megan Hall, Nutrition Director

    Fayetteville City Schools Central Office

    110 Elk Avenue South, Suite 200

    Fayetteville, TN 37334







    Position - District Special Education Coordinator

     Salary and Benefits:  Salary and benefits are based on education level, certification(s), and years of experience, according to the district teacher pay scale

     Job Description:         The District Special Education Coordinator provides support to the Special Education Program regarding effective instruction and compliance.  This job is a full time position and reports to the District Special Education Supervisor.

     Qualifications:           Must be certified in Special Education, with at least 7 years of recent experience as a case manager/special eduction teacher in Tennessee

     Essential Functions:  

    •  Overseeing management of special education records and implementation of IEPs district wide
    •  Ensuring district compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations related to special education
    •  Facilitating virtual school psychological services
    •  Conducting and reporting achievement testing and student observations
    •  Participating in and serving as LEA representative for IEP and other meetings when needed
    •  Providing training and technical assistance to case managers, teachers, related service providers, and support service professionals on all aspects of cases management
    •  Ensuring IEPs are developmentally appropriate, curriculum/standards -based, strength based, and relevant to individual students
    •  Working to maintain LEA tracking and data system that includes student information related to IEPs, services, service hours, compliance time
    •  Supporting the planning and implementation of special education initiatives, research findings, and best practices
    •  Overseeing appropriate curriculum and school-based assessments to support the academic growth of students with disabilities
    •  Maintaining a high level of knowledge regarding developing special education issues such as changes in federal and local special education policy
    •  Advocating for special education with school leadership
    •  Establishing and maintaining communication with parents of students with disabilities
    •  Facilitating workshops and/or meetings for parents
    •  Identifying and sharing resources for parents of students with disabilities
    •  Engaging parents and families in their student’s learning and acting as an ambassador for the school in the communit
    •  Connecting with students’ outside providers, pediatricians, and therapists to support students’ needs
    •  Maintaining confidentiality of student records and student information
    • Other duties as assigned

     Contact:                   Christine Tuten 

                                      Special Education/Federal Programs

                                      110 Elk Ave., S. Suite 200

                                      Fayetteville TN  37334





    Position - Math Teacher - Fayetteville City High School

     Qualifications:  Tennessee Teacher License with High School Math endorsement with preference for highly qualified status

     Contact:  Adam McCormick

                    Fayetteville High School

                    1800 Wilson Parkway

                    Fayetteville, TN  37334

                    (931) 433-3158