Getting Started

  • *For easily skimmable references, refer to the highlighted text in each section of this page. This will provide at-a-glance steps.*

    Your Teacher, Club, and Sports pages are pre-setup for you by your school's webmaster or IT team member. If you are a new employee, you must first log in to the website before access can be granted to edit your page/s. 

    How to Log In

    Visit any of the Fayetteville City Schools websites. In the top right corner you will see the Settings Gear for Staff Login (see examples below), click and select 'Sign In'. Your login credentials will be the same as your employee email domain and password. if your email is, your website username will be doej. You do NOT need to create a new log in. Your log in is created for you upon employment by our IT team.

    website header

    website template buttons

    Once you have logged in, notify your school's webmaster or a member of the IT team. Once they have granted you access to your corresponding pages you will be able to edit them as you please.

    Browser > visit > User Options > Sign In

    NOTE: If you are a booster member, PTO member, or outside coach and have been approved to manage a page/s, you must first create a login. Once a login is created, contact your school's webmaster or principal and give them your email or username so they can give you editing access.

Accessing Your Pages

  • Once access has been granted, there are two ways to get to your page.

    1. The first way is by clicking 'User Options' in the top left corner of any Fayetteville City Schools site, selecting 'Sign In', and logging in. Once you have successfully logged in, select 'User Options' again and you will now see the option 'Site Manager'. This will take you directly to your section.

    User Options > Sign In > Log in > User Options > Site Manager

    If you manage multiple pages, such as a teacher section and a sports section, option 2 may be an easier option for you:

    2. Click 'User Options' in the top left corner of any Fayetteville City Schools site, select 'Sign In', and log in. Once you are logged in, navigate to the page you want to edit (just as you would navigating to the page to view it). If you are logged in you should see an 'Edit' button in the top right corner of that page (see example below).

    User Options > Sign In > Log In > Navigate to page you want to edit > Edit

    Edit Screenshot

Navigating the Section Workspace

  • Pages

    You should see something similar to the above image. This is called your 'Section Workspace'. The pages within your section will appear here (i.e. Home, Calendar, etc. in example). In this window, you can:

    • Click directly on the page name to edit that page
    • Click the 'New Page' button at the top to add a new page
    • Sort pages using the 'Organize Pages' button
    • Rename your page: In the top right corner select 'Actions' > 'Page Options' > and renaming the page name field
    • Delete pages by clicking 'Actions' > 'Delete'. You will be prompted to be sure you want to delete this page.
    • If you want the page hidden, but don't want to delete it (incase you need it later), to the left of the page name click the green 'Active' button to make it 'Inactive'. You can click it again to turn it back on.

    Adding Editors to Your Section

    You can assign other employees to help edit your section by clicking the 'Editors & Viewers' tab (see example below) > Clicking 'Assign User' and searching their name.

    NOTE: if the person you want to add is a new employee and hasn't logged in yet, their name will not show up on the list. See above info on logging in for the first time.

    Editors & Viewers > Assign User > Search Name > Select Name > Add


    DO NOT accidently click 'Viewers' instead of 'Editors'. If you do, that person you select will be the only one that can view your page. No one else will be able to view your page. If you wanted to add a section that only your students/team members can see (by logging in) that is not open to the public, this is how you would do so.

Editing Your Page

  • Edit Page

    To edit a page, click on the name of the page.


    A window like the one above will open.


    The buttons on the right side of the screen are called 'Apps'. You can drag and drop these into the white space to the left. That white space will be where you edit/organize your content.

    When dragging apps over, drag it towards the top of the page and a blue box will show up where to drop the app.

    For a complete overview of the apps and how to edit them, visit this resources: App Showroom

    The most basic app you will use is the 'Content' App that is used to add text to a page.

    Changing Your Page Layout

    You can also change the layout of your page by clicking 'Layout' in the upper right hand corner of the page.


    There will be several options to choose from. You can then drag your apps into the various sections of your page layouts. When dragging an app into the edit window, hover over before dropping to show the layout guide lines.


    Select Page > Layout > Select desired Layout

    Changing The Name of Your Page

    There are two ways to change the name of your page.

    1. In the Section Workspace window, click 'Actions' > 'Page Options' and you can name the page from there.

    2. When you have the edit window for your page open, click the circle with 3 dots in the upper right corner (see example below). From there, you can name the page.


    Naming Your App Sections - Headers/Dividers

    To display a header divider at the top of an app section (like below)..


    Click on the green edit button (see below) on your app section in the edit window. In the upper right corner you will see 'App Options'. From there you can name your section. Make sure the 'Show the app name on my page' box is checked. Save.

    Headers are recommended so students/parents can easily navigate your page.

    Green Edit Button

    Select Page > Hover over app> Select green icon > App Options > Name the app > Check 'Show the app name..'

    Deleting App Sections

    To delete an app section, hover over the app in the edit workspace, click the trash icon in the right corner.


    Select Page > Hover over app > Click Trash icon > Select 'Yes'

    Moving Apps on the Page

    To move an app, simply click and drag on the row of dots in the top panel of that app (see below).


    Select Page > Hover over app > Click & Drag dots icon


Saving Your Site

  • There is a Save button when editing the content inside each of your apps.

    There is no save button on your site page. Changes are made live to your site as you change them in the edit page workspace. Simply click the purple X when you are done.

Managing Multiple Sections/Pages

  • SectionEdit

    If you manage multiple sections/pages, you will see a menu to the left (see example above). This is the list of sections you have access to edit. Select one to edit. 

    If you are a webmaster that can edit multiple sites, click the "Change Site" button to the left (see example above) to change which school website you are working on.

For More Info

  • For more info, visit:

    Or contact your school's webmaster or the IT department.


    ADA Compliance

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires certain businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities. Web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies. Failure to create an ADA-compliant website could open a business to lawsuits, financial liabilities and damage to your brand reputation.

    Here are some common ways businesses address accessibility issues associated with their web content:

    • IMAGES: 'Alt tags' allow users with disabilities to "read" or "hear" alternative descriptions of content they might not otherwise be able to view. Alt tags describe the object itself and, generally, the purpose it serves on the site. If you have an image of an apple, the alt tag should read: Apple. If an image of a group of people, the alt text should name each person or say a generalized description like "FHS football team".
    • DOCUMENTS: Do not upload scanned documents onto the website. You must upload a true PDF or DOCX(Word) file. (True meaning it can be opened in word or Acrobat and text can be selected and changed).
    • HEADERS & TEXT FORMATTING: Headers should be identified as headers, sub-header, body text, etc. Screen text readers for impaired individuals can identify those codes and skip through different sections for the individual so they don't have to listen to the screen program read every single word on the page. This is a form of navigation for screen readers. To select appropriate hierarchy in your text, select the text, select the 'Headings' button (icon of capital T with arrows beside it), and select the appropriate selection.
    • COLOR CONTRAST: This provision is designed to ensure that a reader with a sight impairment can distinguish text from background colors as well as buttons and icon elements, whether they are engaging an image, pattern or solid color. For example, if the developer uses light text and the image under that text is predominately white, that text may be difficult to read and is not compliant. The contrast of text and images of text require a 4.5:1 contrast ratio. This also applies to images. Make sure the image is bright, otherwise it looks washed out to visually impaired individuals.