• Dear Parent/Guardian,

    We are glad you choose FMS for your child’s education. The staff at FMS strives to provide a very safe and caring environment for your child. We anticipate a joyful,  exciting, and insightful learning experience while they’re here. Below is information about our class rules, procedures, requirements, and rewards/consequences. Please take the time to read and discuss this with the student. We are looking forward to a great school year.

    Thank you,

    Coach Carmichael and Coach Roper

    carmichaelc@fcsboe.org and roperc@fcsboe.org 

    Class Rules:

    1. Quietly listen and follow directions the first time
    2. Respect others
    3. Be a good sport
    4. Use ALL PE equipment safely and correctly
    5. Participate for the duration of the class

    -PE is not optional therefore you must participate the whole time

    1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself
    2. Do not talk back to instructor 

    Class Procedures:

    1. Enter the gym walking and quietly sit in a spot for attendance and instruction.
    2. Any time the whistle blows, FREEZE. There should not be any talking or moving. Listen for what to do next.
    3. Never leave the gym or designated area without permission.
    4. When class is over put the equipment exactly where you got it and line up quietly.
    5. Students may change attire if they desire.


    1. Students must have tennis shoes for PE. Sandals, flip flops, boots, and any other show that has a marking sole is not permitted in the gym. If the student comes to gym without tennis shoes, they will become walkers for the day. There are no questions asked. 
    2. When a child is too sick to participate fully in PE then they become walkers for the day. If a child brings a note from home stating they are sick or cannot participate, they are walkers for the day. If your child is too sick to participate then they should not be at school. We do not allow sitting unless the child is hurt or has a doctor’s note
    3. On days students have PE, they should be dressed in clothing that allows them to move freely. They should be compliant with the dress code. 



    1. If a student breaks a rule one time, then they are verbally reprimanded. 
    2. The second time a student breaks a rule then they get write offs starting at 25. Each time after the write offs will go up. 
    3. If a student continues to break a rule or the first time in trouble is severe enough then they will be sent to an administrator’s office. 
    4. If a student has a problem with another student and this is causing a  problem in class then they will either:
      1. Buddy walk
      2. Sit at lunch together and learn about each other.