• Meet the Creeps

    Cast List:

    Bunny Lange - Emma Jacobs                      Lady #1 - Danika Shockley
    Lady #2 - Jlegna Goodwin                          Nana - Jaila Reams
    Billie Goat- HannahHazen                           Sinbad Creep - Conner Robinson
    Flora Limetree - Maria Cruz-Solis                Tarantula Creep - Trista Warren
    Maybelle Belfry - Ashariah Gonzalez            Telephone Operator - Maddie Witt
    Aunt Witchita - Riley Schaub                      Sally Creep - Brenna Lirette
    Matt Collins - Landon Jones                        Scooter Belfry - Kicen Flemmings
    Mortimer Weird - Colson Witt                      Bubba Limetree- Daniel Driver
    Henrietta Stonehedge - Ke'mani Kelso      Gretel Nesselrode - Aaliyah Fowler
    Lullaby Jones - Tessa Sloan                        Evangeline Fujian- Destiny Lopez
    Photographer - Jameson McGill                   Prince Un Ravel - Zander Witt
    Dulcy Burnside - Maci Harwell                     Cordelia Spring - Tamera Mastin                              Clock - Bre'Asia Smith - Singleton

    Extras                                            Set Crew
    Dakota Ragsdale                            Javon Fox
    Brayden Serrano                          Daniel Carter
    Joseph Casteel                             Kyra Hastings
                                                        Lucy Phillips
                                                     Tamera Mastin
                                                     Brayden Serrano
                                                      Riley Schaub  

    Our first practice is Thursday, January 16 from 3-5 in the Library.
    We appreciate everyone who tried out this year! We hope to see you all back for our next production!

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About the Drama Department

  • Each year, the Fayetteville Middle School Drama Department has a school-wide play that involves students from all grade level (grades 5th through 8th). Students are invited to audition for parts in January, with a read through of the play and practices beginning immediatedly after.

    If you have questions, please contact Lee Ann Dawkins dawkinsl@fcsboe.org or Nicki Schulte Painter schulten@fcsboe.org.

Drama Teachers

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    Lee Ann Dawkins

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    Nicki Painter

    Nicki Painter

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