• Gone with the Gust
    Cast List

    Roxanne- Alex Richardson
    George Bramwell- Landin Burciaga
    Mitzi Dillaway- Lilly Brown
    Wilhelmina- Brenna Lirette
    Esther- Sarah Bradford
    Lester- Bradon Smith
    Rip Page- Kicen Flemming
    Joyce Edward- Jaila Reams
    Monty Missouri- Conner Robinson
    Ethel Holt- Kendall England
    Gracie- Ashariah Gonzalez
    Kay- Illeana Cruz-Solis
    Betty- Jlegna Goodwin
    Ann- Kaelynn Johnson
    Eve- Destiny Lopez
    Ruth Wintersole- Trista Warren
    Huckleberry Jones- Mason Owen
    Peggy Tempest- Jessica Howell
    Freddie Dean- Zander Witt
    Chester Houston- Colson Witt
    Daisy-Lou Bowman- Emily Swinney
    Cindy-Lou Harper- Tessa Sloan
    Flowerbelle Crouton- Ashlynn Robinson
    Beauregard Plantain- Daniel Driver
    Vicki Rawlins- Sierra Arguello
    Boy Reporter- Broden England
    Girl Reporter- Anariah Flemmings
    Regina Adair- Leilani Coble
    Beatrice Carroll- Molley Frame
    Lucy Bankhead- Maria Cruz-Solis
    Creature- Joey Casteel

    Pageant Participants
    Destiny Brown
    Dakota Ragsdale
    Evelyn Cruz- Solis
    Maddie Witt
    Emma Jacobs
    Cheyeanne Loffler

    Stage Crew
    Tymeisha Kelley
    Bryleigh Higginbotham
    Briona Hill
    Kyra Hastings

    Thank you everyone for auditioning! Our first rehearsal will be Thursday Jan. 17th in the library from 3:00-4:30.

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About the Drama Department

  • Each year, the Fayetteville Middle School Drama Department has a school-wide play that involves students from all grade level (grades 5th through 8th). Students are invited to audition for parts in January, with practice beginning around the first week of February.

    If you have questions, please contact Lee Ann Dawkins dawkinsl@fcsboe.org or Nicki Schulte schulten@fcsboe.org.

Drama Teachers

  • Lee Ann Dawkins

    Lee Ann Dawkins

    Drama Teacher



    Nicki Painter

    Nicki Painter

    Drama Teacher