School Counseling


    Parents and students,

    My name is Katelyn Barnes and I am so excited to serve as the School Counselor for this upcoming school year! This will be my third year at Fayetteville Middle, and I know that it will be the best year yet! Before coming to FMS, I worked at Junior's House, where I had the privilege of counseling and interviewing children who have experienced many forms of trauma. I have seen first-hand the resiliency, determination and creativity of children, and I am excited to continuing working with the students of FMS. I will be working with individual students, as well as leading large guidance classes and small group activities. I would love to be a help if you are ever in need, parents and child alike! Do not hesitate to ask, as I want to be a source for information, assistance and advocacy to all the children and families who attend Fayetteville Middle School.
    Thank you,
    Katelyn Barnes
  • You are not insignificant. Someone drinks coffee out of their favorite mug that you gave them. Someone read the book you recommended and plunged right into it. Someone heard that song on the radio that reminded them of you. They did. Someone smiled at the end of a hard day because they remembered the joke you told them. Someone loves Themselves a little bit more because of the compliment you gave them. Never think you dont have influence on people. Your trace, which you leave behind on every good deed cannot be erased. Read that again. People love and need you!
    Love you today!
    -Kelly Scott
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