RAS History


    RAS 50th Anniversary Yearbook Cover in 2008 Charlie Bagley School opened its doors in October of 1958 after the 1958-59 school year had begun. Students in first, second, and third grade were transferred from Robert E. Lee School to their new location in October. Miss Ruth Davidson would serve as principal from October of 1958 until her retirement in May of 1976.

    Upon the retirement of Ruth Davidson in May of 1976 Tom Young became principal for both Robert E. Lee School and Charlie Bagley School. Robert E. Lee School saw its last day as a city school on December 20, 1978.

    On January 2, 1979, Tom Young was principal when the new building opened. The building name was officially changed from Charlie Bagley School to Ralph Askins School on January 15, 1979. This change honored Ralph Askins, Sr. who served as principal and superintendent of Fayetteville City Schools until his retirement in 1972.