About Student Government

  • FHS Student Government is an elected group by the student body that plans and organizes various student events including Homecoming, Veterans Day Program, Field Day, and other events. The goal of our Student Government is to lead the student body and offer opportunities for student involvement. We pride ourselves on creating a fun environment for our student body.


    2021-22 Student Government Officers and Members


    Student Body President - Gus Hill


    Senior Class President - Hannah Giffin

    Senior Vice President - Demarion McCrary

    Senior Secretary - Emma Frame

    Treasurer - Bella King

    Members - Lauren Pettie, Isaac Wheeler, Emma Young, Meg O’Connor, Cason Seals


    Junior Class President - Vincent Buchanan

    Junior Vice President - Bryce Bills

    Junior Secretary - Isabella Martin


    Sophomore Class President - Quentin Pace

    Sophomore Vice President - Kinsley Bryan

    Sophomore Secretary - Ma’Raya Fulton


    Freshman President - Maddie Seals

    Freshman Vice President - Cayson Martinez

    Freshman Secretary - Brodie Baker

    Members - Vincent Ruhlander, Anneshia Burks, Za’Lea Hampton, Eli Hester,

     Lanae Phillips


  • Ruhlander

    Sharon Ruhlander

    Educational Assistant