Tigers in the News - March 2019

  • Below is a list of Tiger News in the Elk Valley Times April 2019 Editions. The corresponding page number is to the right of each headline. To subscribe to the Elk Valley Times print or e-editions, visit: elkvalleytimes.com

    Elk Valley Times March 27, 2019 Edition

    • I spy some Tigers at Hamburger Day on the Hill (front cover, 4A, EEE5, EEE6)
    • Some of our very own are nominated for Lincoln County's Finest! Vote Bridgette Jones for best principal and Tim Hobbs for best elementary teacher! As well as our Pre-K program! (front cover, 7A) https://www.elkvalleytimes.com/…/online_…/lincoln_co_finest/
    • City school board resolution opposes ESAs (2A)

    • FNB delivers cupcakes to RAS for Read Across America Week (6A)

    • I spy some Tigers onstage in the Fabulous 50's Show! (10A, EEE1, EEE2, EEE3, EEE4)

    • FPU's student board learns about wastewater treatment (3B)

    • Three FHS Tigers signed with TCAT Shelbyville at the CTE Letter of Intent Signing Day! (3B)

    • FHS Tiger soccer team defends district title (5B)

    • Tiger baseball, by the numbers (6B)

    • Fayetteville High invites students, parents to Freshman Forum (6B)



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    Elk Valley Times March 20, 2019 Edition

    • City Study of Askins' options ongoing (front cover)
    • I spy some Tigers in the Fabulous 50s! (front cover, 5B, EEE5, EEE6)
    • FHS art students' work on revitalizing the community (2A)
    • FHS State Basketball Tournament feature by FNB Bank (10A)
    • FHS State Basketball Tournament Recap (1B)
    • FHS Baseball, by the Numbers (2B)
    • Lady Tigers Off to a Strong Start (3B)
    • 4H Winter Event Winners (8B)
    • Tigers Head to State Photos (EEE1, EEE2)