• Summer Reading

    Summer Reading:

    I highly recommend that students that are interested in criminal justice, law enforcement, or law should read as much as possible.  Parents and students, please keep in mind that criminal justice curriculum can be graphic and in some instances, offensive.  When dealing with or studying criminals or crimes, we are not always exposed to the best elements of society.  Many of the fiction and non-fiction criminal justice publications may contain profanity, violence, sexually explicit information, and hate crime related situations.  Parents, I suggest that you monitor or research any fictional or non-fictional publication prior to allowing your child to read it.

    I would suggest any work by the authors John Grisham or Scott Turrow.  I would also suggest a book entitled, "The Moon is Always Full", by David Hunter who is a former Tennessee law enforcement officer. 

    Always a classic and considered one of the first in nonfictional crime is "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote.

    For more advanced criminal justice students interested in law enforcement, I would suggest the works of author, Joseph Wambaugh, a former L.A.P.D. police officer.

    The Fayetteville High School Library contains many of the John Grisham novels and the Fayetteville/Lincoln County Public Library contains both Grisham and Wambaugh works.

    Senior students that are planning to take criminal justice at the college level or who are planning on a career in law enforcement, I would recommend reading the book "Cops" by author Mark Baker.  This book contains graphic and violent information that may be offensive to some.