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Criminal Justice

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     Criminal Justice 

   Criminal Justice studies is offered at F.H.S. under Career Technical Education, to allow interested students better preparation for college criminal justice studies or the  work force. Criminal Justice careers are becoming more popular, more competitive, as well as necessary, in the domestic economy.

        For all students, Criminal Justice allows students to better grasp their rights and obligations as citizens, have a better understanding of law enforcement procedures, and understand the complexities of the American court system.

       The  F.H.S. Criminal Justice Program currently offers Criminal Justice 1, Criminal Justice 2, and Criminal Justice 3.  Criminal Justice 1 offers an introduction to all aspects of the justice system, a particular focus on law enforcement, and limited forensic science and investigatory skills.  Criminal Justice 2 reviews and expands upon skills learned in C.J. 1, legal case studies and briefings, research statistics, and a limited focus on Criminology.  Criminal Justice 3 expands on the previous two courses, concentrates on various categories of forensic science classroom and laboratory activities, diverse crime scene investigation, and intensive case studies and research.

       Regardless of a student's career path, the F.H.S. Criminal Justice Program offers valuable insight to the American legal system and will be a memorable, as well as an enjoyable, learning experience.

Drew Young
Criminal Justice Instructor


110 Elk Avenue, South, Suite 200 | Fayetteville, TN 37334 | Ph: 931-433-5542 | Fx: 931-433-7499