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Please visit our Tiger Salon! See prices below.
Please visit our Tiger Salon! See prices below.
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Fayetteville Cosmetology Program

Open to all students, boys and girls. 

This class is different than any other. Hands on work is required and encouraged! 

We will learn theory and then put it into practice. 

Students who start in the 9th grade begin their career track for complete certification. 

1500 total clock hours.

The Cosmetology classrooms at FHS are very interactive and resemble a salon environment.  When you visit or pass by our classes it seems as if you were viewing cosmetology professionals at work.  The cosmetology department takes a hands-on interactive learning approach to our classes, giving first hand work based experiences to our students. Classes cover all branches of Cosmetology. Hours obtained are transferable at most Cosmetology schools and Vo-Tech Centers. 

Course Description

-        Principles of Cosmetology

-        Design of Cosmetology

-        Chemistry of Cosmetology

-        Entrepreneurship

Mr. Brian Gulley, Instructor

Graduate of Fayetteville Beauty School Cosmetology/Instructors License obtained

Cosmetologist 21 years of experience

Shop owner / Operator

Platform artist for major manufacturer 21 years

Specialist in adult cosmetology continued education 21 years

Experienced in all branches of cosmetology

Trained in cosmetology state law and practices of Tennessee

Completed vocational teacher training MTSU 2013

Teaching license obtained


FHS Cosmo Girls and Boys

Open to the public Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:30 am – 11:35 am

Check in at the front office upon arrival.

All work is performed by junior and senior students.


Services                        Public Fees      Students, Faculty, or Senior Citizens

Haircuts                          $5.00                   $3.00

Shampoo & Style            $7.00                   $3.00

Style Only                       $5.00                   $3.00

Color                              $20.00                  $10.00

Hi-Lite, Foil                    $20.00                  $10.00

Relaxer                          $20.00                  $10.00

Manicure                        $5.00                    $3.00

Pedicure                         $7.00                    $4.00

Nail Set                          $15.00                 $10.00

Fill-ins                           $8.00                    $5.00

Braids – Natural            $10.00                   $5.00

Wax                              $5.00                     $3.00

High Fashion

/Color Strips                 $15.00                  $10.00

Permanent Waving       $25.00


110 Elk Avenue, South, Suite 200 | Fayetteville, TN 37334 | Ph: 931-433-5542 | Fx: 931-433-7499