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Pat Bean 931-433-5542
General Bookeeper/Cafeteria Email Pat Bean
Ben Beddingfield 931-433-5542
Supervisor of Technology Email Ben Beddingfield
Jeff Bryant 931-433-5542
Supervisor of Maintenance Email Jeff Bryant
Rujena Dotson 931-433-5542
Secondary Supervisor of Instruction, Grants, CTE, Curriculum 9 - 12 Email Rujena Dotson
Megan Hall 931-433-4001
Food Services Manager Email Megan Hall
E`Sheia Hicks 931-433-0513
FAST Program Director - Fayetteville After School Time Email E`Sheia Hicks
Belinda Martin 931-433-5542
Receptionist Email Belinda Martin
Cheryl Perrin 931-433-5542
Special Education Assistant Supervisor Email Cheryl Perrin
Ron Perrin 931-433-5542
Physical Plant & Operations, Transportation, Athletic Director, Food Services, Truancy Email Ron Perrin
Fran H Rawleigh 931-433-5542
Elementary Supervisor of Instruction, Teacher Licensure, Testing Coordinator, Curriculum PreK - 4, FAST Email Fran Rawleigh
JoAnn Scott 931-433-5542
Human Resourses, Payroll, Federal Bookkeeping Email JoAnn Scott
Penny Smith 931-433-5542
System Psychologist, RTI Coordinator K-12 Email Penny Smith
Sarah Beth Spray 931-433-5542
Supervisor of Special Education Email Sarah Spray
Carla Warden 931-433-5542
Coordinated School Health, School Safety Email Carla Warden
Tammy Williams 931-433-5542
ITT Tech Email Tammy Williams
Dr. Janine M. Wilson 931-433-5542
Director of Schools Email Dr. Janine Wilson
110 Elk Avenue, South, Suite 200 | Fayetteville, TN 37334 | Ph: 931-433-5542 | Fx: 931-433-7499