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January Announcements

Board Members:
Chairman: Jeff Whitmore
Vice-Chairman: Tommy Holland
Board Members: Alice Palacio, Sarah Raby, Mark Clark, Joyce Eady
Liaison: Danny Bryant

School Board Appreciation Week

January 21-27, 2018

 Last week, students and staff honored Fayetteville City School Board members for Board Appreciation Week. We thank our board for their leadership and support. With your guidance, we hope to continue achieving great things in the Fayetteville City School district.

Tigers competed at the 2018 MTHSSA Swimming Regional Champs at Centennial Sportsplex in Nashville last week

Garrett Blankstrom qualified for State Champs with a time of 23.92 seconds in the 50 freestyle!
Sara Clark, Collin Newton, Gavin Barnes, Garrett Blankstrom, and Matthew Giffin all qualify to compete in the swimming Championship Meet.

Congratulations Andrew Hall, Fayetteville Middle School Teacher of the Year

   Andrew Hall, 6th grade ELA teacher at FMS, has been named the Fayetteville Middle School Teacher of the Year. Mr. Hall has worked at the Fayetteville City Schools for 7 years. Previously, he has taught the 3rd and 4th grades. “When I graduated High school, I was wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do as a career in my life, but I did enjoy working with the youth in the church I went to at that time. After much thought and prayer, I decided there could be no better choice of a career than teaching. I wanted to be able to help students in all areas and be a positive motivator.” 
   What Mr. Hall ultimately hopes students will take away from their time with him is a passion for learning, the skills that allow  

them to continue learning, and the confidence to take them through life. “I also hope that when they leave my room that they will know that they are valuable, they are cared about, and they can do whatever they want to do if they put their minds to it.“


Congratulations to Jennifer Hale, Ralph Askins School Teacher of the Year

   Jennifer Hale, Ralph Askins Elementary’s School Counselor, has been named the RAS Teacher of the Year. Ms. Hale has been with the Fayetteville City Schools for 6 years. She enjoys helping others by finding positive connections in their lives. “I was fortunate enough to be raised in a loving, caring environment, and I strive to offer the same thing to my 650+ students.” From her class, she hopes students will take away a sense of self-worth and strive to make a difference in other’s lives and their own. Jennifer also serves as the school sponsor of the Garden Club and the Friendship through Yoga Program.

   “I would like to thank the Fayetteville City School System and the Ralph Askins Elementary family for their support, encouragement, 

Jennifer Hale

and willingness to help me carry out the RAS school counseling program. A great big thank you to the Fayetteville community who has been generous enough to help meet our students' basic needs, encourage our students to participate in extracurricular activities, and support our gifted staff. I am thankful to call Fayetteville home, Ralph Askins my home away from home, and all of our little RAS tigers my "babies".”

Ralph Askins students had so much fun being sorted into houses on Friday.

 More photos at: http://bit.ly/2Dz6Bhz


House Sorting Day - Kid on Bounce Slide

The Purpose of the House System:

  • To create unity
  • To change culture
  • To make our school system smaller and more personal
  • To provide students the opportunity to connect with other students across grades
  • To promote core character traits
  • To create a sense of pride
  • To create leadership  opportunities

FMS aids foster children through Project Warmth

FMS Project Warmth Group Pic

Students at Fayetteville Middle School donated over 130 new blankets and stuffed animals for foster children and children in need in the South Central Tennessee region for Project Warmth, matching last year’s generous contributions from students and staff.

Thanks to their generosity, many foster children and children in need will have a little extra comfort and warmth this holiday season. Blankets will go to foster children and children in need in Lincoln, Bedford, and Moore counties

through the help of Department of Children’s Services Social Services Team Members Shannon Haston, Morgan Rogers, Kellee Smith, Rod Linton, Robin Bain, Rod Linton, Ashley Brinkley, Kimberly Goney and Jordan Hatfield.

For children who need a little extra comfort during a difficult time, FMS students, along with DCS staff, are difference makers yet again this holiday season.

Project Warmth Group Pic

Fayetteville Middle School students pause for a photo with blankets and stuffed animals they collected for foster children through Project Warmth. Staff with the Department of Children’s Services helped with distributing the items to those in need. A few of those DCS staff members are (from left) Alyssa Pennington, Shannon Haston, Rod Linton and Lawanda Meneese.

See it in the Elk Valley Times Here: http://bit.ly/2G8xmqX

Congratulations to Brian Gulley, FHS Teacher of the Year

Brian Gulley

Brian Gulley, Fayetteville High School’s Cosmetology instructor, has been named the FHS Teacher of the Year. Mr. Gulley has been with the school system for 8 years and has 26 years of experience as a Cosmetologist under his belt. According to Mr. Gulley, Cosmetology is a field that can create lasting relationships with its clients and help people feel good about themselves. From his courses, he hopes that his students will take away a lifelong sense of learning along with the confidence to pursue any career obstacle.
“I would like to thank those who nominated me for this award. It means a great deal to me and I thank you very much.”

Fayetteville City Schools will open on time Friday, January 19th.

School will be closed January 16th - January 18th due to inclement weather. FAST will be open Thursday. Bundle up and stay safe! 

Our Tigers love the snow

Student Snow Day Picture Collage

 UPDATED: FAYETTEVILLE CITY SCHOOLS WILL BE CLOSED Friday, January 12th due to inclement weather and dangerous road conditions. Please stay warm and safe. 

Snow Day Graphic - School Closed Friday, January 12th due to weather

FHS Lunch Ladies

Happy Food Service Appreciation Day

 to all of our wonderful Nutrition Specialists. It's a big job feeding the Tiger family, but y'all are always up to the task. Thank you! #FoodServiceAppreciation

RAS Lunch Ladies FMS Lunch Ladies


FFA at AFBC in Nashville TN

FFA at the American Farm Bureau Convention


It’s official. Mrs Smith and six members of the Fayetteville FFA got golden tickets/ orange bracelets. They will be in the room to hear President Trump speak today at the American Farm Bureau Convention.

 Fayetteville City Schools will be CLOSED FRIDAY, JANUARY 5TH, 2018 due to inclement weather. We will see you all again next Monday.

Snow Day Graphic 2


Victor E Tiger at the Citrus Bowl


Victor E. Tigers has made it to the big screen! We are incredibly proud of his accomplishments as he shows off his Tiger Spirit at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida!


Victor at Citrus Bowl on the Big Screen

Citrus Bowl Graphic - Notre Dame vs LSU

Victor at Citrus Bowl on Field at Halftime

Victor at Citrus Bowl Group Shot

Victor at Citrus Bowl with LSU Tiger Mascot


 December Announcements

The Fayetteville City Schools wish you a very Merry Christmas

and a bright New Year.

We look forward to seeing you again on Friday, January 5th.

Christmas Picture Collage


FMS Football Mayor Recognition

So many talented young students filled the municipal building at the Board of Mayor & Alderman Meeting last night. From Lexi Fox's talented singing of the anthem, to the FHS City Thunder bluegrass band, and the FMS Duck River Valley Football Champions - the Tigers showcased their hard work and dedication. We couldn't be more proud of them.

FMS Football Team Mayor Recognition

Lexi Singing at Board of Mayor and Alderman Meeting

Bluegrass Band at Board of Mayor and Alderman Meeting

3rd Graders Receive Dictionaries from Rotary Club

RAS 3rd graders receiving Dictionaries from Rotary Club

3rd-grade students were presented with dictionaries from the Rotary Club. The goal of The Dictionary Project is to assist all students in becoming good writers, active readers, creative thinkers, and resourceful learners by providing them with their own personal dictionary.


Fancy Frosty Fair

Santa at the Fancy Frosty Fair

Thank you to everyone who made the Fancy Frosty Fair at RAS a success!

Booth at Fancy Frosty Fair

Booth at Fancy Frosty Fair 2

Dance Flyer

FMS will be having a Christmas Dance on Saturday, December 9th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM in the cafeteria. Tickets will be $5.00. Concessions available.

November Announcements

And we're back! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving Break and are well rested and ready to learn! 

 We hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving Break! We will see you again Monday, November 27th!

What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving Fun Facts

Did you know: On Nov. 20, 2007, President George W. Bush granted a “pardon” to 2 turkeys, named May & Flower, at the 60th annual National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation, held in the Rose Garden at the White House. The 2 turkeys were flown to Orlando, FL, where they served as honorary grand marshals for the Disney World Thanksgiving Parade.

Did you know: Snoopy has appeared as a giant balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade more times than any other character in history.

Did you know: Though many competing claims exist, the most familiar story of the first Thanksgiving took place in Plymouth Colony, in present-day Massachusetts, in 1621. More than 200 years later, President Abraham Lincoln declared the final Thursday in November as a national day of thanksgiving. Congress finally made Thanksgiving Day an official national holiday in 1941.

Did you know: Native Americans used cranberries in a variety of foods, including “pemmican” (a nourishing, high-protein combination of crushed berries, dried deer meat, and melted fat). They also used it as a medicine to treat arrow punctures and other wounds and as a dye for fabric.

Did you know: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest pumpkin pie ever baked weighed 2,020 pounds and measured just over 12 feet long.

Cited: http://www.history.com

 Fayetteville City FFA in the News

FFA Mayor Recognition

FFA Interview Preview Watch our FFA team talk with FPU Channel 6 about their National FFA Convention winnings! They went up against over 60,000 people and showed them what it means to be a tiger! Watch it here: FPUChannel6
FFA Channel6 Preview

Our FFA team was also recently recognized at the November Board of Mayor and Alderman Meeting at the City Municipal Building. Watch it here: FPUChannel6 at the 29:30 time mark.

Read the full Resolution here: FFAResolution2017


Happy Superintendent Day Banner We are so thankful to have such a wonderful Superintendent who loves and cares about her students and staff. Thank you for all that you do, Dr. Janine Wilson!

Dr. Wilson and RAS students on Superintendent Day

Agriculture Literacy Week

Eli reading to RAS

Eli and RAS students

Eli Dotson, FHS FFA vice-president, read his favorite childhood book to RAS students for Ag Literacy Week. Students learned that even if you are the little guy, you can accomplish big things. 



The Great Goat Chase Book Cover  

"The Great Goat Chase" 

By Tony Bonning


We hope everyone enjoyed our Thanksgiving lunch today! Don't forget to give the cafeteria staff a big thank you for all of their hard work! 

  Thanksgiving parents day at RAS 

 Here we go again! With another successful #WakeUpWednesday !

 WakeUp Wednesday surprised student

Eli Magazine Cover

FHS Student, Eli Dotson, on the Cover of TN Cattle Business Magazine

Eli magazine preview

Check out our very own Eli Dotson on the cover of the Tennessee Cattle Business Magazine for November! You can read the full article here: http://bit.ly/2hwf6N5 


  Thanksgiving Lunch Promo  

If you signed up for Thanksgiving Lunch with your student, please don't forget that those are this week! The schedules are as follows:

Ralph Askins School: 
Tuesday, November 14 - Pre-K - 11:50 AM, Kindergarten - 11:00 AM, 4th grade - 12:25 PM
Wednesday, November 15 - 1st grade- 11:20 AM, 2nd grade - 12:25 PM, 3rd grade - 11:35 AM

Fayetteville Middle School: 
5th Grade - Tuesday, November 14 at 11:41 AM
6th Grade - Wednesday, November 15 at 11:41 AM
7th & 8th Grades - Thursday, November 16 at 12:33 PM

Lunches will be $5

A big thank you to all of the veterans & active-duty military who have served our country. We would not be where we are today without your courage.

Veterans Day Reenactment

 FHS Students reenacting famous Battle of Iwo Jima photo 

Veterans Day Speaker  Veterans Day Band Member

 Check out our awesome Art club at RAS, the Crazy Eights! They are currently learning about abstract artist Alma Woodsey Thomas. We think everyone is doing a great job recreating her bright, fun style! Don't forget to check out their "Happy Fall Y'all" exhibit outside of the art room. Stay tuned for their next Christmas exhibit coming soon! For more, visit: http://bit.ly/2hpOikZ

RAS Art Club Members 

 Wake Up Wednesdays

Wake Up Wednesdays

Teachers & staff at the Fayetteville City Schools have started a wonderful new venture this morning called 'Wake Up Wednesdays'. Tricia Jean (Assistant Principal at FMS), Rose Murray (ESL & Special Ed Teacher), Christine Tuten (Special Ed Teacher), Tim Hobbs (4th grade teacher), and Brett Spray (Assistant Principal at RAS) met bus drivers early this morning to ride along on their routes. "We sat at the front of the bus and greeted the kids with a 'good morning' as they got on the bus, shook hands, and had conversations. Their faces lit up as they saw us.", said Brett Spray. "We encouraged them to have a good day as they exited the bus. We were given hugs, handshakes, fist bumps etc. It's the little things like this that will go a long way in building the family dynamic and improving our climate and culture." Teachers & staff will ride the buses with students every Wednesday morning, greeting students as they start their day. 

 We will have follow-up Flu Shot Clinics on November 28th at all 3 schools. For more info, please call Carla at 931-433-5542.

Flu Shot Photo  

 We have so many talented young RAS students! Take a look at some of these pumpkins from our Pumpkin Book Character Decorating Contest!

See more photos at: http://bit.ly/2izBQfd 

RAS Pumpkin Winners 

 We had so much fun at Fall Blast last week! We hope you did too! Thank you to everyone who came and played games & laughed with us. A big thank you to everyone who helped put on this wonderful event.

See more photos at: http://bit.ly/2izkjDH

Fall Blast 


The FHS PLAYOFF game will be LIVESTREAMED @  Stay tuned @ 7PM tonight to watch the Tigers take on Huntingdon LIVE!

FHS Football Livestream 

 The FFA will be hosting a trivia night, silent auction, cornhole tournament, and soup on Tuesday, November 7th. Make plans to attend!

FFA Trivia Flyer

 October Announcements

Congratulations FHS Cross Country

 Lorin Gattis, Matthew Giffin, & Garrett Blankstrom of the FHS cross country team getting a “taste” of victory  All runners medaled at regional championships! 


FHS Cross Country Team

 The Ralph Askins gym was filled Friday with intelligent young students and some very proud parents for Awards Day. Everyone did an amazing job this 9 weeks! 

 RAS Awards Day

RAS Awards Day 2    RAS Awards Day 3

 FMS Students excelled this 9 weeks! Students, staff, and parents gathered in the gym Friday to honor those students during Awards Day. Great work everyone!

FMS Awards Day 

FMS Awards Day 2 . FMS Awards Day 3

Congrats to our FFA team who placed 3rd in the Nation behind Texas and California! And to Julia and Karlee who won their division! We are so proud of their hard work!

FFA Nationals Team

FFA Nationals Winners

 Congratulations to our wonderful FFA team for landing the FINAL FOUR IN THE NATION! They are the first TN team in history to reach the final four! Be sure to tune in at 12:30 on RFD to watch the finals! http://bit.ly/2xqTmIs

 Happy National Custodian Appreciation Day to our wonderful staff! #nationalcustodianappreciationday

Custodians presented with gifts from RAS

 Ollie the Otter and his crew visited Ralph Askins Elementary School students on Thursday, October 19th to teach them about booster seat and seat belt safety. Ollie works with Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety Office, Tennessee Road Builders Association and Tennessee Tech University to help kids all over Tennessee form valuable safety habits. Remember, “Under 4’9” - It’s Booster Time!” 

Ollie the Otter greets RAS student

Ollie the Otter and his crew  Ollie the Otter and his crew measuring students

 National Bus Safety Week

October 16-20. This year's theme is #StopOnRed

National Bus Safety Week

 CONGRATULATIONS FMS TIGERS on their 22-12 win against Forrest at the Duck River Valley Championship 10/16/17!

FMS Football Touchdown #7

FMS Football Huddle  FMS Football Touchdown

 ACT Bootcamp at FHS

Fayetteville High School hosted an ACT Bootcamp during fall break. The ACT bootcamp provided students with a comprehensive overview of strategies for all parts of the ACT. Students worked with the latest materials, all of which were provided at no cost to the attendees. While FHS offer ACT prep classes throughout the year, the bootcamp served as a more focused, intensive approach to prepare for the college entrance exam. 
Each day focused on a different subject. Students could choose to attend specific subject days or the entire workshop. The bootcamp instructors provided subject specific strategies for success and guest presenters covered general test taking strategies and ways to combat test anxiety.
A special thank you to our instructors, Mr. Jason Caldwell, Mr. Adam McCormick, and Mrs. Kathy Holland. Also, Mr. Josh Caldwell from Motlow and Mrs. Carla Warden the Fayetteville City School Coordinated School Health Coordinator. We would also like to commend all the students who invested time during their fall break to attend the bootcamp! 

Mr. Caldwell instructing ACT Bootcamp

Mr. Caldwell instructing ACT Bootcamp 2   FHS ACT Bootcamp

 Fall Break is October 9-13, 2017

 Fayetteville High School reports that 97% of the senior class completed applications to postsecondary institutions (including the TN Promise) during College App Week! Thank you to all of our supportive teachers, staff, and administrators who encouraged students to pursue college and their future careers!

#TNCollegeAppWeek CollegeforTN.org

  Congratulations to the RAS Mini Me with Victor E Penny Wars Fundraiser Winners!

Mini Me with Victor E Winners 

Victor E Pizza Party

September 2017

 A big Thank You to our FMS Nutrition Staff for scoring a perfect 100!

FMS School Nutrition Staff Score 100

Ron Perrin, Janine Wilson, & Steve Giffin presented a sweet treat to our FMS nutrition staff: Tina Edwards, Heather Miller, Ashley Roland, & Stephanie Haston. Way to go ladies! (Not pictured: Peggy March)

College App Week - Mrs. Sheridan's 8th grade class

Mrs. Sheridan, FMS' Technology teacher, visited Mrs. Dorris' 8th grade class to help students sign-up for CollegeforTN.org and find the right path based off of their interests and learning styles. #TNCollegeAppWeek 

RAS Savvy Skilled Workers

We had lots of Savvy Skilled Workers at RAS for TN College App Week today! #TNCollegeAppWeek


TN College App Week

College Application and Exploration Week is a statewide event sponsored by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and CollegeforTN.org. The goal of College Application and Exploration Week is to build excitement and enthusiasm around the college application process and provide every graduating senior with the opportunity to apply. Though there is a focus placed on first-generation students and students who may not otherwise apply to college, all students, from kindergarten to 12th grade, are encouraged to participate and start making their college plans.


College App Week - Mrs. Brewer preparing seniors

Mrs. Brewer leading Senior class meetings to help prepare our soon to be graduates for college! Our Seniors are getting prepared to visit colleges and apply for scholarships. Go 2018 Seniors!!! You ROCK!!!


Students presented our fantastic bus drivers with treats for Bus Driver Appreciation Day on September 21, 2017. Thank you to all of our bus drivers for your hard work. Remember to thank your bus driver for all that they do!

Bus Driver Appreciation 

110 Elk Avenue, South, Suite 200 | Fayetteville, TN 37334 | Ph: 931-433-5542 | Fx: 931-433-7499