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Web Filter Certificate Installation



Fayetteville City Schools maintains an Internet filter as required by law to protect students from inappropriate material on the public Internet.  The filter requires that a specific certificate authority certificate be installed on all devices that might be used by a student accessing our network, including student-owned smartphones, tablets and laptops.

We distribute this certificate to all school owned devices automatically but students and the general public who bring their own devices will need to install this certificate manually.

Click below for installation instructions for:






iOS:  iPhone / iPad Devices

  1. In Safari, go to http://utility.corp.ena.net/sslb/

  2. Tap on the ca.cert.der link.

  3. A certificate warning should appear.  Tap Install.

  4. Enter your passcode (if prompted).

  5. Tap Install once again (at the bottom of the screen).

  6. Tap Done. 








Android Phones and Tablets

  1. In Chrome, go to https://goo.gl/YSPXiH  (you may need to download the cert while connected to your phone network)

  2. If prompted enter your Google credentials.

  3. Tap Download

  4. If prompted enter your device passphrase.

  5. Enter ENA Websafe when prompted for the name of the certificate.

  6. Make sure VPN and apps is selected for the certificate’s use.

  7. Tap OK.

  8. If prompted setup up your lock screen (you really should have one set).









  1. Log in a user with administrative privileges (if you own it, you are the admin).

  2. In Chrome, go to http://utility.corp.ena.net/sslb/

  3. Click on the ca.cert.der link.  The certificate will be downloaded.

  4. Enter chrome://settings in the URL field and hit enter.

  5. Click on Show advanced settings (bottom of the page).

  6. Under Privacy and Security click on Manage certificates.

  7. Click on the Authorities tab.

  8. Click on Import.

  9. Select Downloads or My Drive depending on where you download files

  10. Select All files (lower left of the window).

  11. Locate and select the file ca.cert.der, then click Open.

  12. Check all three trust settings, then click OK.








Windows Laptops/Desktops

NOTE:  Student owned Windows laptops and desktops and not normally allowed on the network.

  1. In a web browser go to http://utility.corp.ena.net/sslb/

  2. Click on the ca.cert.der link.  The certificate will be downloaded.

  3. Open your Downloads folder, locate and double click on ca.cert.der (or ca.cert).

  4. If asked “Do you want to open this file?”, click Open.

  5. In the Certificate Information window, click Install Certificate…

  6. Select Local Machine, then click Next

  7. If prompted to make changes to the device, click Yes.

  8. Select Place all certificates in the following store

  9. Click Browse…, then select Trusted Root Certification Authorities

  10. Click Next

  11. Click Finish






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